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I’ve always loved to play card and board games, both modern and traditional. No other game in the planet is more venerated than Chess. I’ve been toying with the idea of creating variants, expansions and my own board games for a while, and I can finally show to the public some of my recent endeavours.

I created a game based on Chess or is it Chatranj? Chess is, itself, a variant of an older game, that was already a variant of an older game. I decided to create this Chess-based game after reading the amazing Encyclopedia of Chess Variants by D. B. Pritchard – I even ended up following some of its guidelines.

This game aims to capture some of the elements I enjoy the most in the gameplay of Modern Chatranj, Makruk, Shogi and Modern Chess. Other inspirations are Chatranj and modern abstract games.

To play this game, you’ll need to:
1) Download version 1.3 of the Rules;
2) A regular 8×8 Chess Board;
3) Chess Pieces;
4) Something to mark 2 of the pawns, or alternative Chess Pieces (as used in other Chess-like games) to represent the Lords;
5) 6 Coins, Checker or Backgammon Pieces in each color (thus 12 total) to represent the Grand-Dukes (this way you can just place a regular Pawn on top of the said piece). You’ll probably just need 2 for each side (I’m yet to see a game with 3 Grand-Dukes on each side);
6) Another piece (it may be a coin, a stone, a cup: mostly anything) to represent the Passing Token;
7) A space previously designated to be the Duchy (or an auxiliary board).

Here are the most recent rules in english, pdf format:
BrazChess – Rules v1_3

An Auxiliary Board that may be used to count moves and also serve as the Duchy:
Movement Countdown

The first draft of the rules (DO NOT USE IT):
Oliveiras Brazilian Chess – Rules1_1

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The rules in Portuguese (as regras em português estão aqui):

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Any doubts, questions, suggestions, please feel free to send me a message!

Enjoy the game!